One on One Training With Shumer
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One on One Training With Shumer


Interested in hands-on training? Need to sharpen some skill sets? Need an added touch of coaching to take yourself to the next level? Consider this product to sit virtually with Shumer and do a deep dive one on one.

I first joined FIT in its early hay days in November 2018 and have had the pleasure of watching many members grow not only their accounts exponentially, but their attitude towards approaching the market which only comes with experience.

This experience in our community here at FIT is what I could only dream of having when I first stumbled into the market in the midst of the Great Recession in 2009. And throughout all that stumbling and tuition fees I paid to the market, I was finally able to gain that experience needed to tackle the challenging market we have in this era of trading. All of that experience required over 10 years of painful lessons and unfortunate account blow ups.

My goal as a leader at FIT is to help steer our members into the right mindset, tackling emotional hurdles, provide guidance application of TA, and most importantly to be able to share my own experiences that helped me ascend into my successful trading career.