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A chat friendly community full of new and experienced traders. A steady pace of intraday call outs to give you that edge in the market

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Have your charts looked at by a professional 7 figure trader before the market opens so you are prepared !

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Financially Independent Traders (FIT) is an online trading community focused on teaching you to become one of the top 10%, a consistently, profitable trader.

​FIT welcomes traders of all skill levels, weather a novice or seasoned trader, full time or part time, Our FIT family will help you enhance your skills through in depth technical analysis, fundamental analysis and most importantly, the psychology of trading.

Join our community of traders and analysts today and start your journey to Financial Independence.



“I had been watching Rick’s videos on youtube for quite some time and it was quite evident that he exhibited a huge amount of knowledge in technical analysis and it showed when he explained his rationale doing a deep dive into every chart he encountered. When I finally joined the Fit-Family back in November 2019, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But right from the beginning, you could easily see that this was the place to be in order to improve yourself as a trader both knowledge wise and mentally. It is obvious that each and every member within this community wants you to succeed and that is conveyed from the leadership on down. This family has been there to pick me up through some my lows and most definitely have had a huge hand in helping me achieve many of my highs and I truly believe I am a better trader because of this.”


Next Level

“I have traded for many years and had what I thought a good understanding of TA using candlesticks, recognizing patterns, using oscillators and such. When I joined Fit I was amazed at how much I had progressed. In a matter of weeks after joining I felt that much better about “seeing” trades. I learned more about TA in such a short time than I have in all the years I have traded. And I learned about other ways to use certain indicators and tools to my advantage. I always new about these tools/indicators but now feel confident enough to use them in helping me trade. Ive become a far better trader with Ricks help and the people he has himself associated with are second to none. I wish I could name them all!”



“Joining the FITFAM was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Rick is an awesome mentor even more than I could ever have imagined. He is a true professional on every level. He is a down to earth guy that actually cares about all of our success and is a true leader that I haven’t seen the likes of in a long time. I have learned so much from him and look forward to learning so much more. Endless learning here at FIT!”

Shawn G

Community Support

“I joined FIT 2 weeks ago and am quite happy that I did. Being part of a community that is constantly sharing trade ideas, news alerts, coaching/mentoring throughout the day has helped improve my trading results as well as learn from past mistakes to avoid making them again. As a new trader it is incredibly valuable to watch seasoned members execute and manage trades live in the chatroom. I can’t imagine how long it would take me to learn the complexities of the market on my own versus trading live alongside hundreds of FIT members. The markets are difficult and unforgiving at the best of times and it’s been great trading with the support of an entire community. Whether the markets are turbulent or calm the positive vibes and market focus in the chatroom make FIT an integral part of my trading day. I stumbled upon FIT through Rick’s youtube streams and find him to be a truly gifted educator. He has an ability to teach technical analysis in an easy to digest manner. Fibonacci’s, Kumo clouds, RSI, candlestick patterns are indicators that I now use which have garnered immediate results in my trading. All day long Rick, the FIT admins and FIT members are sharing, teaching, alerting and providing feedback in the chatroom which has accelerated my education by leaps and bounds in a short period of time. Thank you Rick and the FIT community


No Gimmicks

“I was introduced to Fitraders by my neighbour. I was immediately impressed by their no nonsense, straight to the point style. There are no gimmicks or outrageous claims, just good, factual information. I have learned a lot in a short time thanks to Fit and would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their trading.” Anthony W.


Mature Community

“Rick is the real deal. Knowledgable, humble, dedicated, and a fantastic teacher! The amount of quality weekly content he provides is staggering, and the FIT community is exceptional. This is not chasing penny stocks, nor a chat room full of pumpers. It is a mature community of traders (all levels of experience) who work together to share trade ideas based on TA. If you want to LEARN to trade for yourself this is the place to be! You will not find a better value or higher quality educational experience in this space than FIT”


A Team

“The opportunity at FIT Traders is life changing, being in control of your finances opens wonders of growth. At FIT we are a family always working together as a team to find new opportunities, provide support and care for one another. Joining FIT has changed my life!”


Opinions Heard

“I have been in a number of chatrooms but none of them can compare to FIT. I feel like I am a part of the community and my opinions are heard. There are a lot of brilliant and experienced traders who are willing to mentor and guide you to a successful trading career. And the best part is: the community makes trading a lot more fun! 10/10 would recommend FIT to all traders.”

Natty Matty


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